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4 Steps to an EVEN Better Looking YOU in 2015!

electric shaver and Manual ShaverShaving: Razor or Electric? Pick One! 

I love wet-shaving with a razor like the next guy. But, electric shavers have really stepped-up their game in the last few years! So which do you choose? Here’s the bottom line. You pick the tool that offers to the best shave consistently and stick with that one. Here’s why. For a lot of shavers, going back and forth from razor to electric can really do a number on skin sensitivity, skin complexion and even irritation. So if you’re tired of shopping for face creams to solve multiple skin issues, here’s one way to simplify your life!   

Better haircutA Better Haircut–

Your haircut can say a lot of things. But this year, let’s make sure it says nothing but great things about you, ok? With so many barbers advertising their work on Instagram these days, it’s so much easier to find a barber near you that can give you exactly what your looking for.  Not sure what to ask for? My Face Shape Guide can help with this. Or, if you’re looking for more detailed information give my Face Shape Report a go!

BodyGroomTrimmed, ok? Just trimmed.–

Chest, Back, or Below the Waist. No matter the place, there are options to getting it groomed. The shorter you choose to get your hair the more maintenance and the more irritation. So look for Body Groomers or simple trimmers to get the job done. Hey, a better looking you doesn’t have to be a chore and neither should it require a weekly appointment.

Grooming-EyebrowsNose, Ears n’ Eyebrows —

Here are 3 areas where your hair will never, ever stop growing. So get yourself a small grooming kit that has all the essentials in keeping up with those pesky hairs. Trust me. the benefits outweigh the effort and your face will look much more youthful in the process. And by the way, if your barber of hairstylist isn’t doing their part in helping you with this, please put them on notice!

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