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Once at a West Point Military Academy presentation, I had a Cadet ask me what shaving method I recommended for shaving in the field. Such a great question! My answer… “Consider working up a sweat, then use your razor.” But, if I tried the Dry Shave Gel by Bold For Men before the presentation  I may have had an even better answer.

This is a 3-in-1 shave gel that is applied to the skin (dry). Then after 30 seconds the face is ready to be shaved. After that, the same product is used to calm the skin as an aftershave balm. I tried it the first time and “by golly” surprisingly I had a close and very comfortable shave. The second time was still close but slightly less comfortable. My thinking behind this is that it works better on the face after a few days rest, since it’s a dry shave essentially. Also finding the perfect amount for a consistently comfortable shave takes a little practice.

Overall, it’s one of those items that it doesn’t hurt to have for the times when a quick shave is a must. Just make sure that the “post-shave” step is NEVER skipped!

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