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Bump Patrol MaxBump Patrol is one of the leading shaving brands in the drugstore market that is specifically geared toward men who struggle and are concerned with shaving irritation. I’ve tried several of their products and decided to review their Maximum Strength Aftershave first. Since there are so many men that struggle with ingrown hairs, it’s good to know of other options on the market right?

So here it is!

This product was created to be the fastest-acting Bump Patrol formula to date; focusing on quickly eliminating razor bumps by reducing the inflammation and bacteria that can commonly be associated with this type of irritation. It is recommended to be used immediately after shaving, and as a treatment when removing ingrown hairs with tweezers. Used this way, I immediately noticed that it can deliver a little bite I call – the “it’s working” sting. But all in all, it wasn’t very uncomfortable like other products on the market, just noticeable enough to mention.

For me, the performance of this product delivered it’s promised results over the course of several days. The added bonus of moisturizing ingredients like Vitamin E and lavender oil help to balance the potentially drying effects of its alcohol content.

Overall, it’s effectiveness and the easy drug-store availability make it a good buy. However, be very conscious of staying on top of keeping your skin moisturized due to its alcohol content.

[xrr rating=4/5]

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