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Green Shave All Natural Shave CreamAll natural is the way that many grooming lines are focusing their attention these days. And with so many men concerned about shaving sensitivity and acne woes, it certainly isn’t a bad idea!

GreenShave’s shave cream comes in two all-natural fragrances – Eucalyptus and Original (Almond scented). Personally, I always gravitate to milder scents, so I preferred the Original scentTheir shave creams contain no parabens, sulfates or preservatives which is a great way to start off considering the many debates surrounding how harmful these additives can be.

This cream was very easy to lather-up, and it delivered a very enjoyable scent. The shave itself  was also comfortable. However, I did find myself  wishing that it’s lather was a bit richer in order to allow for greater moisture on the skin. But with ingredients like – shea butter, aloe vera gel, sesame oil, and almond oil what it didn’t give in moisture, it made up for in skin healing choices.

[xrr rating=4.25/5]

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