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ATXPostHeadBlade has been cornering the market on head shaving specific products for years. And with their newest creation of the ATX All Terrain Head Razor, they certainly don’t seem to be resting in their laurels. Partnering with John Van Hamersveld– a world renowned illustrator and graphic artist, they designed a “special edition” ATX packing that took the words “attention grabbing” to another level!

But with all the bells and whistles of the new flow-through HB4 blade cartridges, the fuller and smoother rolling wheels, does this product actually get the job done?

Well, I recruited a bald friend of mine. He’s one of the guys that tested out the HeadBlade Sport a while back. So needless to say, he was little hesitant. But, once he saw the packaging he was all over it.

His report: Much more control while shaving than his prior experience. The suspension design allowed for a smoother ride, especially over the knot he had on the back of his head (his words). As for closeness, he did admit to missing a few spots. But admitted to being overly cautious around some parts of his head. The one complaint he had was wishing the finger holes was a little more forgiving for bigger hands. So, maybe there’s a market for an XL line? Hmm..

There you have it. Still a slight “comfort curve”, for newbies. But, it delivers a comfortable shave and it looks cool!

[xrr rating=4.25/5]


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