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brushPOSTI used to work with an older barber that swore horse hair shaving brushes were the best on the market. Of course me being biased to badger hair, I paid very little attention at the time. But over the years I secretly tried a few a that definitely made an impression both for their performance, and the **”animal friendly” process of making the brushes. So, when I was given the opportunity to try out the Vie-Long Cachurro Shaving Brush I didn’t hesitate!

It’s a sharp looking brush that provides a great lather, and is much softer than pure and some best badger brushes on the market. And, you get all this for less than $25. That’s a price that’s hard to beat!

However, the only drawback of horse hair shaving brushes can be the out-of-the-box smell especially when wet. But with a thorough wash and soak in your favorite hair shampoo (1 hr. minimum), the scent will become close to non-existent.

** The process of making badger brushes, requires that the badgers are killed for different grades of brushes. Horses ore not. 

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