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Braun Series 7For some men, an irritation free wet-shave is virtually impossible.  However, as I have mentioned in my electric shaving posts, foil shavers, as opposed to rotary shavers, are the most ideal for a close irritation-free shave.

So here is my choice for 2009’s foil shaver….

Braun Series 7

For over 50 years this company has designed electric shavers.  Starting with the S50 in 1951 to the new 2009 – Braun Series 7.  What doesn’t this shaver do? Well, it can’t tie your shoelaces…yet!

  1. The head – Pivots and flexes for maximum closeness
  2. The Power Comb – as you shave it lifts missed hair that lies close to the skin
  3. The blades – with the speed of 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute, these blades cut close, in one pass, without lifting or tugging.
  4. Washable – when you are done, wash under water…it’s safe trust me!
  5. Clean & Renew System – when charging, it also cleans, lubricates and dries your blades.  How’s that for service?

Priced just over $200, it’s an investment toward a better and more comfortable shave.  But, if you’re not looking to spend that much, consider the other Braun shavers – Series 5,3, or 1.

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