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Leave the “baby-butt-smooth” feel to the babies…

Yeah! I said it…


Because the goal of getting a “baby’s butt” smooth shave is not the answer for everyone… Period!

As a barber, my goal is to take a look at a man’s skin and beard, and make an assessment as to how I should shave him the closest I can; comfortably and irritation free. Surprisingly, in some cases the end result may not always be “baby butt” smooth. Because, not only is the comfort of my client’s face paramount, but too close can lead to hours and even days or irritation.

You see, the reason for shaving is to remove the appearance of the beard on the face, not so that your face must feel like umm… an adolescent child’s.

So, the next time you’re shaving and the results remind you why you don’t enjoy shaving that much, consider shaving “just enough” to get the hair off while still looking and feeling good!

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