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Fighting dry skin no matter the season!

One of the major challenges that most of us seem to struggle with during the winter months is dry skin. One obvious reason can be the cold weather, but worse is the different climates we experience when we go from outside to inside and then back out! And this can be an issue no matter the weather outside.

So here are a few tips that can fight the dreaded “dry face” and “dry knees“, whether you’re in New York City or sunny Miami Beach.

  • Coconuts – a slight acquired taste but there is an obvious reason (besides marketing) that makes its drink so popular. Coconut milk contains oils that remain present in its water that are part of the essential ingredients for a healthy skin barrier. Drinking it can help a little, but eating a fresh coconut can produce better results!
  • Humidifier – not into eating your way to moister skin? Try a humidifier! It certainly has helped me cope better with the dry air here in So. Cal. Just place it in your bedroom at night and you can have healthier looking skin in the morning. A great alternative for those not interested in spending the money is to use a large pot of water instead.
  • Ingredients – face moisturizers with ingredients that include – Hyaluronic acid, Glycerin and Squalene are great choices. And for the body, ingredients that work well are Petrolatum, Silicone and Shea Butter.

Face Moisturizers:

Body Lotions:

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