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3 Elements to a Great Moisturizer

3 Elements to a Great Moisturizer

You know, all this week I’ve noticed a trend with my clients.  Most of them seemed to believe that their faces produce enough moisture to not require a moisturizer.  Surprisingly, almost all of them struggle with sensitive and DRY areas of their faces especially after they shaved.

Of course, there are many reasons for dry skin; genetics, dry climates, environmental pollutants, and even harsh chemicals in soaps.  But, skipping this step is an absolute no-no.

So, here are a few elements to look for in a highly-effective face moisturizer:  (1) Consider ingredients that boost hydration to the skin to allow for a more vibrant and healthy appearance. (ex. Squalane). (2) Look for natural oils that promote skin regeneration and fight inflammation (ex. vitamin E, & Sodium Hyaluronate )(3) Seek out anti-aging support. These moisturizers work to put back what is naturally lost in aging-skin.

Guys, we cannot hide from the truth…healthy skin needs to be moisturized too. So, keep that youthful appearance!

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