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5 Shaving Tips You Need To Know For Winter

Cold weather can wreak havoc on your skin. Especially, for parts of the skin that are shaved several times a week or every day, for some. Being already more susceptible to being dry, sensitive and irritated, a freshly shaved face is no-match for what these cold winter months can bring with them. Unless, of course, you come prepared to fight a battle your face can truly win.

Here are several tried-and-true tips along with recommended products (including Burke Avenue, you know I had to!) to insure your face appears healthy-looking in the winter as it does in the spring!

Shave At Night. Sure, your best shave may come after a good night’s rest. But, your skin heals itself while you sleep. So the best chance for overall healing and repair after a shave is during shut-eye. Not to mention, if you’re anything like me, gaining a few extra minutes before waking up is a life saver.

Lock In Moisture & Healing. Moisturizers help the skin retain its own moisture by “locking” moisture in. Aftershave balms deliver ingredients to help calm and heal the skin. Using these two products (or all-in-one), for night-time healing and again in the morning is a winning formula for daily healthy looking skin. (What I like: 3 IN 1 Face Balm by Burke Avenue & Village Barber Aftershave Balm)

Sharpen Your Tools. Sure we live in a time of at-the-door deliveries and subscriptions. But, it’s still pretty common to forget to replace your blades. The duller the blade, the more tug and pull and less cutting you’ll be experiencing. Multi-blades are optimal at max 3 shaves for the face and 2 for the head shaver, single blade razors (i.e. DE razors) can comfortably deliver up to 5+. (What I like: Feather Double Edge Blades)

Improve Your Surface. I don’t know about you, but the less I have sharp objects on my face the better. So choosing a shave cream that is a mildly scented (to help reduce fragrance sensitivity) while offering superior glide & moisture-protection creates less passes for a smoother, closer and more comfortable shave. ( (What I like: Burke Avenue Moisturizing Shave Cream & Truefitt & Hill No. 10)

Exfoliate Once A Week. I’m sure you’re more accustomed to usually hearing recommendations similar to 2-3x’s a week. But, colder climates can be intensely drying on the skin. So, once a week on your “rest day” is ideal. Besides, every time your face is shaved it’s also exfoliated. Count that as a win-win! (What I like: Baxter of California Face Scrub)

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