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I gave the new hair loss shampoo by hims a try!

I gave the new hair loss shampoo by hims a try!

One of the fastest growing men’s wellness websites dedicated to discreetly helping us get what we need to look and feel our best. And, they’re working pretty hard at it!

hims created their shampoo with one thing in mind: to equip you to keep the hair you have as thick and healthy as possible., while they work to figure out the rest. Their Shampoo is formulated to wash away excess scalp sebum that can contain DHT (the hormone that causes hair-loss) in the scalp while adding volume(fullness) to your hair. The Shampoo creates a healthier scalp environment to help you grow thicker, healthier hair.

One of my clients has been using the Complete Hair Kit for over 6 months (without me knowing), and I can personally attest to not seeing any further hair loss during this period of time up to his most recent haircut last week. The Complete Hair Kit includes other products to help guys keep their hair (and potentially grow some) like 5% minoxidil, a biotin packed vitamin, and finasteride (with prescription).

So there you have it. $14.00 for a shampoo that has a track record of helping guys get healthier and thicker hair. If you want to test the Complete Hair Kit, which includes the Shampoo, you can try it today for only $5. Sounds like an easy win to me!

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