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Can too much shave cream ruin your shave?


Question: I used to get tons of nicks and bumps from shaving, but ever since I started to apply twice the amount of shaving cream, it has helped drastically. Am I doing the right thing, or will this practice eventually create another problem? – David S.


David, this is a great question! I think it’s great that you took your time to figure out a solution to your shaving concerns. As long and you follow your shave with a post-shave regimen (i.e. after-shave balm & moisturizer), the only long term affects you may suffer is a lighter wallet! But, in my opinion it’s worth it if your face looks and feels better.

The process you discovered, is actually an age-old barbering practice used for decades upon decades. It is called over-prepping, and it is employed when a barber is called to work on what is recognized as an unusually tough beard. The shaving cream is designed to create moisture in the beard while protecting the skin from the blade. The more moisture, the easier it will be for the beard to come off.

Just be conscientious to avoid clogging of the blade, as it usually leads to nicks, and a not-so-smooth shave. So rinse your razor frequently and enjoy your new trick.

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  1. Village Barber UK April 3, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    Great advice Craig! I’d only add that when you use a quality shaving oil, either on its own or prior to lathering up, you will get a lot more protection of the skin and therefore a far better experience in terms of burn, nicks and bumps. You will also not need to use as much (if any at all!) shaving cream or soap.

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