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Discover Your Best Neckline Shape

So many guys are worried about what the front of their hair will look like that they don’t often pay as much attention as they should to the back of their hair. And trust me, the shape you choose is as important as any other element of your haircut! I received a few emails asking me the best way to sport the neckline with a buzz cut. So, I felt that it would be a great idea to explain the choices, and then tell you which style I feel works the best.

There are only three ways to sport the neckline no matter what the haircut: (1) Rounded (2) Squared (3) Tapered. Of course there are variations within these styles, for example, a “soft square” (squared w/ rounded edges).

Nevertheless, here’s my opinion on the different shapes!  (Pics above)

Squared Pros: Preserves more of the natural hairline, and can also make a slimmer neck seem wider. Cons: Can make the hairline seem unkempt as the hair grows back and can also make a wide neck appear wider.

Rounded Pros: Adds balance to a wider neck. Cons: Brings greater attention to a thinner neck and can “feminize” the neckline for some haircuts. It will also reveal an untidy neckline after a few days, similar to the squared style.

TaperedPros: a tapered hairline will grow out in a manner that keeps the style looking neater longer. It will also slim a wide neck and  take away attention from a slimmer neckline. Cons: None, it’s my favorite!

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  1. Rodwell E. Rolle June 30, 2010 at 11:07 am

    Craig thanks for the Insight. It was very Good.