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We men like to tinker with things, and we like gadgets. And because we like gadgets, we never have too many right? So here’s a list of a few gadgets that I really enjoyed this year. I hope that they make your 2015 as enjoyable as they mad my 2014!

Philips Sonicare – Diamond Clean

First off, how cool is that matte black? Ok so, this toothbrush has changed the way I brush my teeth forever. It has 5 modes (Clean, Gum Care, Polish, Sensitive, White) and they’re all timed according to how long you should brush each area. And, it has the capability to whiten in just one week!

Because my doctor says that I should never use a manual toothbrush due how aggressive I brush, the Diamond Clean made my life much easier! Oh and that rinse cup it’s sitting in? Yeah, it doubles as a charger. — Last toothbrush you’ll ever buy!

Clarisonic Classic Plus

The perfect skincare gadget! Not only will this promote healthier skin with its skin-buffing brush, it will also looks cool on your bathroom counter. The Clarisonic Classic Plus, takes the guessing game out of which face scrub/exfoliant to buy. Which for many men is a HUGE relief. Not to mention, for the guys with beards, this is a great tool to have handy for caring for the skin underneath!

Merkur 25C Long Handle

With all those razors that vibrate and pivot, there’s still no replacing the classic safety razor! A one-time purchase that welcomes the many options of inexpensive replacement razor bladess. Once you learn to appreciate it’s ability to offer a customized and essentially irritation free shave, there’s no turning back!

shavewellShaveWell Deluxe Fog Free Mirror

There are tons of fog free mirrors on the market. But, very few of them truly live up to their name. This one by ShaveWell can take a beating due to its durable material and it won’t fog up while shaving. It’ll help to shorten your shower and shave time in no time!

Philips Norelco Shave 9000

What doesn’t this shaver do? It can be used wet or dry (I preferred the wet shave option!). It has personalized comfort shaving settings. It self-cleans. It has a removable head for a trimmer that actually trims well! It reminds you when to clean the blades and when to replace them. And it doubles as a universal remote! Oh ok, sorry. That feature will be in next year’s model.

KLHIP Ultimate Clipper

 If you have to pull out a nail clipper why not make it a cool one? Made from surgical steel. This nail clipper is smooth, sharp and it’s super-easy to use! The forward facing lever allows you to apply pressure directly over the nail creating much better control. And it has a built in cavity to hold your clippings. Realistically the last nail clipper you’ll probably buy!



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