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Do You Really Need To Exfoliate? (Hint: YES!)

When I am going over proper skin care with my clients I am often asked this question. And I get it… it may seem like just another step. But it is a very important one!

When asked if exfoliation if truly necessary my answer is: Should this even be a question?!   Well it should be, if you are not doing it. Why?

1. It is specially critical in fall and winter months

2. It is easy! Exfoliation can be done just once a week so it won’t add an entire extra step to your daily routine.

There are several reasons to treat your skin to a weekly exfoliation.  One reason is that the exfoliation process gently removes the dead skin cells to free up, younger and presumably healthier layers of cells that are working their way to the surface.  This helps with a smoother skin appearance; it is also a great way to fight acne, the appearance of acne scars and best of all it provides for a smoother more comfortable shave. While this is important during the warmer months as more outdoor activities become common and our bodies begin to produce more natural oils, it is equally critical in the colder seasons because your skin is dealing with two types of weather: dry, cold air outside and warm haters indoors and in your car. As a result, you have a buildup of dead skin cells, which may be causing a dull complexion and/or flaky and patchy skin.

Give it a try, below are a few of my favorites.  Keep in mind a little goes a long way!


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