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Just Say No To Body Lotion On Your Face – Here’s Why!

Wouldn’t it be easy to just slather the same lotion on your face and body post-shower? I am all for ease, speed and convenience, but guys… body lotion is one of the worst things you can put on your face! I know how tempting it can be, especially in the cold, dry winter months when we need to moisturize our skin more than usual. But trust me… don’t do it!

Okay, you may be wondering, Craig… why in the heck not? Fair question. First, let’s not ignore the most obvious reason why not… the word “body” is in the title!

Well, all jokes aside, there IS a reason that’s not too far off…

Lotion formulated for the body can be drying and irritating to the more sensitive skin on your face. Your body’s skin is thicker and tougher than the skin on your face, so companies can get away with putting fragrances and cheaper ingredients in a body lotion. Not to mention, the exposure your face encounters on a daily basis due to nature’s elements are greater than the rest of your body. So a face moisturizer designed with addressing these issues is better suited for the job!

Keep in mind however, that your face moisturizer can be used as a body lotion substitute because of it’s focus on caring for this more delicate part of your body. So the next time you’re shopping for your favorite “body lotion” look for the “face lotion/moisturizer” equivalent of your brand… you might be pleasantly surprised at the difference!

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  1. Village Barber UK November 26, 2011 at 5:20 am

    Very sensible advice Craig! Most people sadly are not aware of the difference in facial skin to the rest of the body.
    As you rightly point out, facial skin is subject to potentially more damage from the elements (wind, rain, sun, etc.) and therefore needs that bit extra protection!

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