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MY DAILY SKINCARE REGIMENFrom time to time I get asked the question, “what is your daily skincare regimen?” Since I am constantly trying out new products, a simple and consistent regimen is important for me so I can recognize the results or lack thereof.

Here are my steps (including order of use for product):

1. Morning-Daily: Face Wash and Daily Moisturizer

2. Shaving Days: *Mild exfoliant, Face Wash, Shave Oil + Shave Cream, After Shave Balm (on shaved area), Daily Moisturizer

*On my shaving days, (every 2 days) I use a mild exfoliant before the shave. However, if you are a daily shaver, stick with exfoliating on the days you are not shaving (i.e. weekends) to prevent irritation.

3. Evening: Face Wash and *Evening face cream

*Since getting enough sleep helps your skin to repair itself, I follow my daily face wash with a face moisturizer that aids the skins healing process!

**Also, the evening is the best time to fight skin irritation from shaving, so from time to time I will use a product designed just for that like: 3-in-1 Post Shave by Lab Series or The Cool Fix by Shaveworks. Applying either of these on the “problem areas” does the trick!


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