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Have you ever had to apply 2 layers of moisturizer to your face to guarantee that it wouldn’t look… “dry“? You know what I mean, when your face looks like you missed a few spots? (ok well, maybe that’s just me…)

Either way, the average guy doesn’t like anything too heavy applied to his face. But, he does want whatever he uses to work well! So, average guy, look no further, because I found what you’re looking for!

Revitalizing Gel by ClarinsMen, is a light-weight, great smelling daily moisturizer that covers well, firms and moisturizes. Your skin will immediately feel refreshed and appear more youthful after one application. I personally was amazed at how my skin felt and looked in a matter of days!

A part of the Age-Control line, ClarinsMen states that this item is best for men in the 30 to 45 age group-when men typically start to show the first signs of lines and fatigue.

Best description:This gel fights a dull complexion to invigorate the skin and provide energy and moisturization to prevent the visible signs of fatigue.”

Well said. And here’s a simpler way… ClarinsMen delivers!

[xrr rating=4.75/5]


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