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Waxing works!… But not all the time!

Not too long ago, I had a client come in for a shave that seemed to have been crying.  Since we have a fairly good relationship, I felt comfortable asking him “if he was ok?”.  He told me that he was fine, and that the reason for his red eyes was from the pain he suffered from getting his nose hair waxed!


Ok, so that was the last time he did that…

Hey all of us have hair in our nose, and for some of us, they may grow a bit faster than others. But, there are many pain-free solutions on the market for getting your nose hair under control. For example, nose trimmers! (see post: On the first day…). Not to mention, your barber should be taking care of them for you after your service.  If he isn’t, ask him to!

You see, the purpose of nose hair is NOT to be removed but trimmed. It is one of the body’s first lines of defense against harmful germs, fungus and spores. So the next time you feel like using hot wax to remove some hair, try your back, ears, or maybe that uni-brow of yours!

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