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What causes dark under-eye circles?

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, be warned…for the rest of us, these dark circles can convey that we are tired and need rest even when we don’t! Dark circles are caused by blood that pools in the vessels lying close to the skin’s surface. This can occur from fat deposits, sun exposure or allergies. A lack of sleep, as well as dehydration, can greatly emphasize the problem. If you’re drinking enough water and getting enough sleep but the dark circles aren’t letting up, there are other options.

“Dark circles can be challenging to fix, especially if there are cultural or genetic ties,” says Richmond, VA, facial plastic surgeon Alan Burke, MD. “Hydroquinone can help to lighten the area to some degree if the problem is more about discoloration than shadowing.” You can also try products that contain vitamin K. This potent vitamin strengthens and clots blood that leaks out of the tiny eye vessels thereby stopping the pooling that causes the darkness.

Injections of hyaluronic fillers are also an alternative if the dark circles are a result of excess fat. And if this issue is really ruining your look, lower eyelid surgery may help. Once the protruding fat is tightened or removed, there is no puffy area to create a shadow, helping to diminish the dark circles. Here are a few eye creams that can help!

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