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Sure I was skeptical, but who can pass up an opportunity to save a few bucks on razor cartridge refills?

The EverBlade system is constructed with a plastic frame that allows for the complete razor handle and blades to be housed comfortably for convenient storage. The blades themselves rest on top of a copper plate where all the “magic” seems to happen. The copper plate acts as a mild energy field just strong enough to repel microscopic debris from the thin edge of a razor – thereby leaving the blade sharper longer.

Since my initial review on this product, I continued to use the EverBlade system to see just how far I could really go without having to change my blades. And to be quite honest, I have successfully had 20+ great shaves with the same razor. Considering the price of razor blade replacements, a $20 EverBlade system is a smart investment!

[xrr rating=4.25/5]

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