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Guys it’s that time again! Here’s a list of a my favorite grooming products for the year 2013. There are a few brands that are “up-and-coming” lines that you may not see on many other mainstream lists. But for me, it’s all about bringing attention to overall great products no matter where they fall in the competition of marketing!

So without further adieu, I bring you my 2013 MUST HAVE LIST!  

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All Over  Wash by Jack Black1BODY WASH –  All-Over  Wash by Jack Black

For the guy that’s kicked the bar soap habit. Here’s a body-wash that surprised me on not only how well it cleaned but how well it kept the skin moist after the shower was over. Super clean & super moisturized! A very impressive body wash. – $15 (6oz) & $46 (33oz)


FACE WASH & EXFOLIANT – Multi- Action Face Wash by Lab Series multi action face1

Sure it can be a daunting task having to manage multiple products during a daily skincare routine, especially during shaving preparations. So here’s an item that takes care of the face washing the the exfoliating all at once! The exfoliating beads are small enough that they do not irritate the skin if used daily. And since it’s a 2-in-1 process, preparation for a shave is much easier and most importantly, smoother! – $20

BodyGroom Pro by Philips Norelco1GROOMING TOOL – BodyGroom Pro by Philips Norelco

Hey guys let’s face it. The ladies love a well groomed man. But no worries, this tool can get you there and keep you there! It comes with:

  • Trimmer with an adjustable comb guard
  • Foil head for closer trimming w/ 3-D pivoting head
  • Rounded blades for less irritation
  • Powerful recharge

Get it! –$60


MOISTURIZER – Smooth – 2-in-1 Skin Conditioner + Smoother by Solo Noir mooth - 2-in-1 Skin Conditioner + Smoother by Solo Noir1

A new brand on the market that’s making waves with a passionate creator-  Andrea Polk, behind the scenes. This moisturizer is a 100% Organic and is enriched with Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Grapeseed Oil. It’s goes on light enough so you don’t feel it on your face, but is effective enough to keep your skin moisturized even through the winter! –$25


Muhle Silvertip Fibre Shaving Brush1SHAVING BRUSH – Muhle Silvertip Fibre Shaving Brush

Looking to ditch the real animal hair badger brushes on the market? Well, you might as well go with one of the best! Here’s a synthetic shaving brush that looks and feels like the real thing! And you know what else? Ease of cleaning, no animal hair smell and best of all you save a badger (or two) in the process. Win, win win! –$86



FOR BALD MEN: Dome Shine-Absorber Anti-Aging Finishing Serum by DomeCare Dome Shine-Absorber Anti-Aging Finishing Serum by DomeCare1

I received an email from a reader not too long ago that stated that I don’t offer enough advice for bald men. So I took that to heart and made sure that I found an outstanding product in that category. This light-weight scalp moisturizer fights off the shine by providing a matted finish on the scalp. And it has a few key ingredients like- Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid that help to keep your “dome” looking young and healthy! –$35 



Private Blend 'Tuscan Leather' Eau de Parfum by Tom Ford1


COLOGNE – Private Blend ‘Tuscan Leather’ Eau de Parfum by Tom Ford

So I been wearing this cologne for almost a year and pretty much established it as one of my signature colognes. Yes it is a bit pricey, but if you make it your “signature scent” the price divided by 365 days a year ain’t bad. You’re welcome!  –$210+ 






Trumpers GFT1

Great scent. Great lather. Great performance.

This company has been around for ages and has remained relevant for the same reasons as my 3 above points. Give it a try! –$30




AFTER SHAVE BALM – Hydrate Post Shave Balm by Dove Men+Care Hydrate Post Shave Balm by Dove1

Dove Men+Care surprised me with an aftershave balm that successfully calmed my skin after a few pretty aggressive shaves. It’s a light-weight formula that absorbs quickly and it’s less that $10! Good deal. –$6.99






GROOMING KIT – Tonsorial Tote by Barber by Design and MBARQGO

Tonsorial Tote by Barber by Design and MBARQGO1

This amazingly designed all leather limited edition – travel grooming kit is something that will make your buddies  do a double-take and your lady absolutely jealous. It’s a two-sided case that offers a designated spot for all of your travel tools- shave cream, badger brush, razor plus more. Trust me guys, this will be the last grooming kit you will buy! –$310



Aloe Alum Spray Deodorant by RazoRock1DEODORANTAloe Alum Spray Deodorant by RazoRock

I’ve never been a fan of deodorants that compete with my colognes. Nor have I really a big fan of deodorants that have ingredients that could potentially harm my body in the long-term. So here’s a deodorant that takes all the guessing out, while keeping you smelling fresh. What more do you want? –$9.99 




BODY LOTIONTrilipiderm All-Body Moisture Lotion Trilipiderm All-Body Moisture Lotion1

Here’s one of the main items most men skip when it come to getting ready. But, you’re doing your body a disservice especially during the winter months! This lotion uses natural plant derivatives to keep you skin moist all-year-round. Trust me, I’m not only reviewing it. I use it! –$30









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