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êShave has always been known for good lather shaving creams and great smelling products. And they certainly didn’t disappoint with their newest fragrance – Orange Sandalwood. At first I was skeptical, considering Orange and Sandalwood are independently very strong fragrances, but somehow êShave found the right blend to merge both scents without them being overbearing. The following are a few of the natural and exotic botanicals that went into making the two fragrances blend perfectly: Grapefruit Oil, Star Anise Oil, Geranium and Cedar wood Oil.

As for its performance, the Orange Sandalwood shave cream covered well and maintained a consistently moist layer throughout the shave. Adding it’s pre-shave oil counterpart also seemed to help deliver a longer lasting lather and fragrance. Good job!

[xrr rating=4.75/5]

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