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Fighting hair loss can be a major challenge, especially when there really isn’t a definitive solution that works for everyone. But with that being said, gentlemen I believe science is finally onto something with this invention!

Enter the LaserComb by HairMaxIt’s the only at-home FDA cleared medical device to treat hair loss and promote hair growth in men and women. Their stats say that “93% of users in clinical studies experience hair growth.” The testimonials and results photos on the website impressed and intrigued me, but as you know I just won’t take someone’s word for something, I have to see it for myself before I give anything a stamp of approval from Craig the Barber and The Men’s Room!

I recruited a friend of mine who has been showing obvious signs of active hair loss and asked if he was up for trying it out. He agreed. And why not? It’s a WIN-WIN!! So he went home with the LaserComb, a bottle of shampoo, scalp treatments, and vitamins. And so began the 16-week experiment.

The first 4-6 weeks went by with very little to speak of and even though this is a known factor, your mind can easily play the doubt card. Don’t let it – trust me, it is working! Because around the 8-10 week mark an obvious change started to show. Hair growth was certainly evident! And not only was there more hair, but all the things you would imagine accompanied the new growth, namely confidence! My friend said that he not only looked better, he felt better, too. Those dealing with hair loss know how frustrating the process can be and to see it not just slow down, but actually turn around with new hair growth can really change one’s attitude!


I can confidently say that in my opinion this is the best hair loss treatment available on the market  today, and I wholeheartedly recommend the LaserComb by HairMax!

* Note: For me the experiment lasted 21 weeks due to my friend averaging only 2x’s a week instead of the manufacturer’s suggestion of 3x’s a week. But to no avail (pics BELOW! ) the results were still great! So it was very clear to see that sticking with the 3x’s a week regimen for 16 weeks would create those impressive results even faster!

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LaserComb Results1-2


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