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headwipesdPostIf you’ve ever walked longer than 10 minutes in the summer heat, you’ll quickly notice how fast your forehead can bead with sweat. But if anything like me, you’re sweating just of the thought of having to walk outside! Hey, we’ve all been there. The dreaded shiny face, or just plain ‘ole hot.

Enter HeadWipes by HeadBlade.

It’s a small packet of 30 wipes that is specifically designed to keep you face and you’re dome cool. Ingredients like: aloe, green tea, sea-salt and cucumber fruit extract make it very pleasant to enjoy from a fragrance stand-point. As for how it feels on the skin, it delivers just enough ingredient to cool, clean and moisturize the skin. A pack of 30 wipes for roughly $6? Sounds like a good deal, especially if it keep the shine away!

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