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razor shield2With razor blade prices increasing faster that you can ask your boss for a raise, there has to be a company out there that can help you save a few bucks…

Razor Shield by HYD For Men,  is one of the brands that promises to keep your blades sharp for up to a month and a half!

So of course I had to give it a try!

My goal was to use this solution on one set of blades for a total of 2 months. After every shave I rinsed my razor, and then applied the oily solution. The blades remained sharp for up to 4.5 weeks and then to dulled a bit there after. Not bad in my opinion.

So considering the price of razors on the market ($20-$30). A solution that costs just under $20 is a steal!

With this being the case, maybe you can hold off on asking for that raise… kidding!

[xrr rating=4.50/5]

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