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Stop back acne from ruining your summer!

Summer is quickly approaching, and that means a lot less clothes and a lot more beach and pool time! For some, the frustrations of having to deal with back acne will  force them to keep their shirts on. And even though back acne is a common skin affliction, it can be very hard to treat. Experts presume that it may be due to the same factors that cause facial acne, which include overproduction of the sebaceous glands around puberty or during other times when our body experiences significant hormonal changes.

Whatever the case may be, the bottom line is that back acne is a nuisance. So here are a few preventative tips to keep this ugly problem at bay!

  • Avoid ingredients that clog pores such as mineral oils or heavy moisturizers.
  • Keep your skin hydrated. By doing so, the skin learns to produce less oil reducing the chances of pores clogging.
  • Since some of us can be allergic to our own sweat, and show signs of it in the form of skin break-outs, make sure to rinse off immediately after working out with an antibacterial body wash or face cleanser.
  • Exfoliate – this is a great way to get rid of dead skin cells that tend to build up on the back.

For those prone to breakouts, consider monthly back facials. It helps to clear the skin, and control major break outs.

Here are a few suggestion products…
Body Scrubs

Anti-bacterial cleansers

  • Antibacterial Gentle Cleansing Bar Soap by Cetaphil
  • Clarifying Skin Cleanser Gel by Murad

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