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Being a STRONG advocate of aftershave balms, I always enjoy trying out new ones that come on the market. TASK Essential has clearly created quite a bit of attention with their choice of bright red boxes and simplified product list.

So of course I had to try a few!

Their aftershave balm speaks of calming the skin with ingredients like Aloe Vera Witch hazel. But what caught my attention was their claim to have fresh plant extracts enriched with molecules of oxygen. Pretty cool! What I liked about this balm is that it moisturizes the skin very well. There was absolutely no need to follow with a daily moisturizer on my bearded area. It also has a nice subtle fragrance.

As for calming the skin from potential razor burn, I personally did not feel anything to support that guarantee. It may be due to having had independently good shaves during the testing of this balm, so I will reserve final judgment until I use it following a less-than-ideal-shave (it does happen from time to time). What I can say without hesitation though is that as a moisturizing aftershave balm it did the job quite nicely.

[xrr rating=4.25/5]

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