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What do you get when you merge the control offered by a gel and the texture enhancing capability of a matte putty? You get Texture by Bumble and bumble. The best way to describe it is to quote the folks who made it… “Gives hair that elusive, undone-yet-done quality, with a hint of grit, hold and a tousled, shine-free finish.” That’s it in a nutshell. Get it! 

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The ever popular pomade is a must have for every man’s (with hair) kit. It provides just enough hold for all hair-types. It’s “matted”, which means no shine, so it works for multiple styles (textured is no exception!). John Allan’s – Matte offers a great hold, which can be stronger or lighter, depending on the amount used. And the best part… it won’t look like you spent a lot of  time in front of the mirror.                                                           [xrr rating=5/5]


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