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The plant that heals.

By Dr. Josh Zeichner for Men’s Life Today

Aloe vera is a succulent, green plant that has been used for centuries as a home remedy for skin conditions. Its leaves contain a gelatinous liquid that’s been found help treat infections and burns. In addition, it contains sugars and amino acids that soothe the skin.

The aloe vera extract can be taken directly from the plant by breaking one of the leaves in half and gently squeezing it. The gel can be applied to the skin for a soothing and protective effect. Its active ingredients penetrate well — especially when a burn has compromised the skin’s barriers — and reduce inflammation, ultimately helping to decrease damage caused by sunburn or thermal heat burn.

Aloe vera has been formulated into various juices, powders and gels and is a common ingredient in skin-care products. Because it’s soothing, aloe vera is a popular ingredient in products created specifically for sensitive skin. Aloe is also considered to be an anti-irritant that can ward off potential problems regular skin-care products may cause.

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