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PN CaretouchINSPhilips Norelco created an electric shaver that caters to the population of men who struggle with ingrown hairs. They did this by recognizing that the lift-cut system used in many electric shavers and razors to guarantee a super-close shave was actually a primary cause of this irritation. So, they saw a need and chose to be the 1st electric shaving company to offer a close shave shaver – the Philips Norelco CareTouch Shaver, without this system.

The result is an excellent balance of delivering a close shave while drastically reducing the issues of razor bumps, burns and ingrown hairs.

Another plus is that this tool can be used wet or dry! My preference (as you may have guessed) is wet. And, quite honestly, I believe that this is where this shaver shines. It can be used with my traditional shaving steps and your favorite shaving cream (or gel).

The fact that a huge company like Philips Norelco took a step outside of the box and recognized a segment of the population that has been under-served in the shaving market has blown me away; I commend them. I can only see this tool getting better from here!

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