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Kill the comb-over. Embrace the buzz!

combover1Sure this image is pretty extreme. But let’s face it. If you’re doing any version of a cover-up, it’s obvious you’re losing your hair. And, it may appear to you and the outside world that you don’t think you have options.

But you do!

Hair-growth products like Rogain and Propecia are on the market, but they may work or they may not! So, surprisingly the best option is the one that requires a bit of confidence, but also exudes the same and it takes very little to accomplish. It’s simply buzzing it off!

Hey, let’s be honest. If you had plans on figuring out how to grow back the hair you lost, you would’ve done it already, right? I wrote an article about this very topic in Men’s Health Magazine and received great feedback from guys who just needed the extra push to just do it.

Trust me, your barber will know just what to do to provide the length you need to complement your face. And, if you don’t want to go too drastic, start with approx. a ½” (inch) all around, with the areas that are balding blended/faded into the scalp. This keeps the focal point away from your balding areas and more on your eyes!

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