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MYTH BUSTED: I Can Train My Hair

I have seen so many clients who told me they were in the process of “hair training.” I get it… I once believed that was possible, too!

In fact, I believe it was my best-friend who told me that “brushing, combing or parting my hair a certain way, would make my hair stay that way.”

Of course since he learned that from his older brother, it had the be true… right? Well, he was wrong about that, and unfortunately a few other things we’d soon discover…

So, here’s the truth!

Your hair’s growth pattern is determined by the hair follicle. No amount of blow-drying, combing, brushing or styling can “train” your hair to grow differently. Certainly, you can use a dryer and/or styling products to temporarily change your growth pattern, but permanent change is not possible. If your hair has a natural cowlick or part, there’s not much you can do about it.

So, if you’re frustrated about not being able to successfully achieve the 360° waves you’ve always wanted, or the perfectly parted Don Draper hairstyle, now you know why. And, knowing will only help you to move on to other great looking styles, so the fretting is finally… over!


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