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I get a lot of requests from readers asking me– “what’s the best neckline for their haircuts?” Oftentimes my recommendation generally gravitates to “the Taper” which is a subtle fade along the lower part of the neckline.

The tapered neckline offers simplicity, a cleaner appearance, and low-maintenance upkeep. A fresh haircut with the added feature of a tapered hairline grows out in a manner that keeps the style looking neater longer. It will also slim a wide neck and  take away attention from a slimmer neckline. Overall, it’s a universal option that compliments most cropped to medium length hairstyles.

Also, this option is an added benefit for the fairer skinned toned man with darker hair, since most always appear to need more frequent cleanups than their darker skinned counterparts!


(*See also – Men’s neckline choices: Squared, Rounded, or Tapered)


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