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4 Simple Ways To Transition Your Wardrobe From Summer to Fall


4 Simple Ways To Transition Your WardrobePOSTIt’s hard to believe we are already past Labor Day! Technically the first day of Fall isn’t until September 23, but most of us consider this the unofficial marker between summer and autumn and a time when many guys are looking to change up their style. The transition from summer to fall is a pretty easy one if you follow a few key tips.

Temperature will be your main cue when changing to a seasonal wardrobe.  Winter to spring is rather easy, effectively you wear warm clothing until they are uncomfortable and you transition to lighter clothes.  With the summer to autumn transition the temperature changes aren’t always as obvious.

Here are a few tips on how to make the transition from Summer to Fall.

  1. No White after Labor Day:  This cliché makes for a very good guideline.  What it’s saying is that it is time to avoid obvious summer styles, colors and cuts.  Remember this is only a guideline; wearing a heavy knit, off-white jacket is perfect for autumn.  The point is being aware of the fabric, not just the color.
  2. Colors:  Shift from summer colors to autumn ones such as brown, gold and red undertones.  If you find yourself wearing a summer shirt in early fall, try and stick with fall colors.  You do have to make an effort to make sure the styles for different seasons still match in color.
  3. Days Shorter, Sleeves Longer:  When the sun starts to set earlier this is the time to move to long-sleeve shirts.  It can also apply to the different aspects of the wardrobe, like ties.  Many of us will ditch our ties for the summer months as it can be like wearing a scarf.  Casual long-sleeve shirts and ties start to come back about the same time of year. Above all your style should be comfortable and easy.  There is no point in wearing a fall jacket when the temperature doesn’t require you to.
  4. Change your Fragrance:  If you wear more than one kind of cologne you can start wearing the heavier ones as the temperature drops.  There are different kinds of colognes that go well with different seasons but the rule of thumb is that lighter the fragrance, the warmer the temperature however lighter fragrances are more forgiving in cooler weather.  Try sitting next to a guy on the bus in the heat, who’s wearing heavy cologne like Polo.

There is also a guide to help you find your own personal seasonal style at the Seasonal Colors article at Gentleman’s Fashion.

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