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Does shaving daily cause shaving bumps?

Many men believe that the best way to prevent shaving bumps is to let the skin rest for several days between shaves, but this isn’t the solution for preventing shaving bumps.

So the short answer is … no, shaving daily does not cause shaving bumps. You can rest your skin as long as you’d like, but unless you change the way you shave, you’ll keep getting those bumps.

The primary cause of shaving bumps — also known as “ingrown hairs” — is hair growing back into the skin. So the frequency of shaves isn’t the root of the problem; it’s the method of shaving. Proper preparation, along with shaving with the grain, is the best way to keep the hair above the skin line. As long as you keep the hair above the skin line, the hair has more of an opportunity to continue growing outside of the skin, therefore greatly reducing the chances of getting shaving bumps.


**From Craig the Barber’s expert Q+A at Men’s Life Today





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  1. Village Barber UK January 20, 2012 at 12:30 pm

    Great advice Craig! In short, don’t just address the symptoms (ingrown hairs) – tackle the problem (poor shaving technique)!

    Another major shaving mistake which can lead to ingrown hairs is by smoothing the hair flat when preparing the beard instead of using circular movements (either with a brush or by hand) and getting the hair to stand up.

  2. Robert March 19, 2013 at 3:27 pm

    Craig: Also I find that the use of multi-bladed razors cause this issue… The effect of a blade design that is to pull and cut a wisker below the skin for “the closest shave possible” is asking for – if not guaranteeing – razor bumps…

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