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Head Shaving: Razors Good for Shaving a Man’s Head

I get asked at the barbershop all of the time, “what razors are good for shaving the head at home?” In this video, I share a few options that will help you to get an idea on what’s on the market.

Just remember whatever razor you choose, stick with my Shaving Tips to get a close and irritation free shave. And if you’re brave enough, finish off with the Big Chill. Trust me you won’t be disappointed!   


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  1. Biff August 7, 2015 at 9:45 am

    A real man doesn’t roll a Hot Wheels car on his head to shave it. In fact, a real man learns his own personal way of shaving it; according to his whiskers pattern, using any razor. Forget about fast shaving and learn to know your head.

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