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I believe if you always approach your shaving regimen as if you have a tough beard… 90% of your shaving issues should disappear.  The other 10%, is all about taking your time. _____________________________________________/

tough-beardI received a few questions regarding my previous post (Multiple razor blades…gimmick?). The first one…How does someone determine if they have a tough beard?  And the second… How do guys with tough beards get a more comfortable shave?

Well let’s start by first identifying if you have a tough beard. 

Here are a few of the signs:

  1. You have an afternoon shadow, not a 5 o’clock one.
  2. You cannot seem to get you beard moist enough to shave.
  3. It feels like you are “tug” shaving instead of “wet” shaving.
  4. Your blade dulls after one shave…a bit pricey huh?

Do any of  these descibe your beard?

So, how can you enjoy the shaving experience like the guys on the Gillete commercials?

  1. Shave in the shower – make shaving the last thing you do before getting out. Or, shave immediately after you get out.  Why? Because your beard needs to be as moist as possible prior to applying any shaving products.
  2. Use a Pre-Shave Oil and (Glycerin based) Shave Cream – The pre-shave oil traps the moisture onto your face, and  protects your skin from the blade.  The glycerin based shaving cream adds more moisture further softening the beard and protecting the skin.
  3. Choose your blade wisely– The Gillete Fusion Power (stick with this vibrating one) can tackle these types of beards easily.  But be aware that the above tips are of utmost importance if you want to get a more comfortable shave and to avoid that “tugging” experience.
  4. Shave “With the Grain” First – Most tough bearded men seem to have more sensitive skin under all that armor.  So, attack the beard methodically.  To get a closer shave…keep it moist, by re-lathering and then go again across the grain.  For you,  “against the grain” should be for “touch-up” purposes only, not the entire face.

There you have it, it’s all about customizing the shave for your face and creating your own guidelines.  Safe shaving, and tell me how it goes!

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