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Just ’cause your Dad used it…

You know, there’s evolution in just about everything, and the world of shaving is no exception. Take a look at shaving creams as an example, and it goes without saying that we’ve definitely seen tons of improvement!

But with that being said, I’d have to admit that when it comes to shave foams, I truly prefer other methods of achieving a great lather.  Hey, I completely understand the rationale for their use… “to allow for the development of a quicker lather”. With shortcuts; however, there will always be sacrifices, and in this case it’s the most important one- moistureWithout enough moisture, there is a greater risk of razor burn, nicks, and hair-pulling – which can lead to ingrown hairs. At this point, I’m not convinced that the current foams on the market offer enough moisture to be considered a preferred aid to shaving.

You see, in a world of sharper blades and men finding ways to shave faster (slow down guys, really…), there should never be a question of whether there’s ample moisture on your face. So try to stick with one that will leave no doubt. Trust me, if you Dad or Grand-dad had these many choices today, he’d completely agree!

*For those of you willing to take the challenge of finding an alternative to the old school shave foam, you can start by trying out the 2011’s Must Have Shaving Cream!

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  1. Village Barber UK January 11, 2012 at 3:05 pm

    In my professional opinion, modern ‘foams/gels’ completely miss the point when it comes to correct shaving technique because what they do is simply create an ‘instant’ lather. The reality of true shaving should you wish to create a lather is that it is the action of circular movements on the beard using a quality shaving brush together with a quality shave soap or cream with water regularly added that “creates” the lather. This action takes several minutes to accomplish.
    The big shaving product companies simply pander to the uneducated and “too busy to shave correctly” members of the public by supplying these ‘instant lather in cans’!

  2. Seth June 12, 2012 at 2:10 pm

    Switching from a can of foam to a soap and brush is one of the best things you can do for your shave routine. Soaps typically contain much more beneficial ingredients, they provide better protection and glide, the exfoliating action of the brush is a great aid to shaving, and the stuff is (well, can be) very economical — one of my favorite soaps costs $1.59, and a single cake can last months! You don’t have to shell out a ton of cash for a fancy-schmancy boutique-brand shaving brush with a solid gold handle and individually plucked and specially conditioned silver tip badger hairs — I paid about $10 for a pure badger brush and it serves its purpose admirably. You can also get a great quality boar brush for a fraction of the cost of a decent badger. One small change that will drastically impact your day-to-day! Great read as usual!

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