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Make your aftershave balms work better!

AS2Through a series of emails from readers regarding razor burn and ingrown hair issues, I’ve quickly come to realize that many of us are relying too heavily on post shave products to prevent these problems…

Of course I am a fan of razor burn and ingrown hair treatments; however, nothing beats first knowing how to properly shave your face. Once a clearer understanding of how to shave your face has been accomplished, you will notice how much more effective these remedies can be!

So here are a few tips you can try that can help you get better results out of your favorite shaving tools, and see if you won’t be amazed as to how much more effective your razor burn and ingrown hair products will be (if you even need them at all)!

To gain the advantage, check out my Quick and Classic Shaving Tips & Tips to a better Electric Shave.

Oh, and just in case you’re currently struggling with ingrowns, here’s how to solve that problem as well! ~ Quick Question…!

Good luck!

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