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These days we are seeing more and more men with beards. A lot of it is due to the current economy. Either they aren’t working and figure it is a good time to finally grow that beard they’ve always wondered about, or they are seeing their barber on a less frequent basis. Just don’t forget beard maintenance!

Try not to spend too much money. But, you’ll need to purchase a pair of trimmers and clippers (adjustable) that come with plastic comb guards.

Determine the length you would like the beard to be by starting with the biggest comb guard in the set and working to the smallest.. You can remove most of the bulk by cutting the hair upwards (lower neck to cheek).

To keep a thick beard looking smoother, cut downward (cheek to neck), as opposed to up (neck to cheek), with your desired comb guard attached.

Use the trimmers to trim your moustache to its desired length, and out of your food.  Trimmers can also be used to create a neater appearance by lining the beard, along the jaw-line, neckline or cheek area.

If you are looking to maintain the scruffy look (i.e. Adrian Grenier or Justin Timberlake), stick with adjustable clippers, as trimmers are only necessary if you are looking to create a neater look (i.e. clean lines along cheeks, lips or neck).


1. Treat you beard like you treat the hair on your head…

2. Shampoo and condition your beard to maintain its shine and keep it smelling good.

3. Consider purchasing moustache wax. Apply a small amount to the beard and moustache and comb to shape. This is an excellent way to keep your new beard looking picture perfect!


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  1. K Hoze June 12, 2009 at 5:23 pm

    I didn’t know there was such a thing as mustache wax. Been trying to get the gerald levert beard for years. I like the suggestion for trimmers. Using clippers didn’t make a difference until I almost cut the beard all the way down.

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