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Single blade BIC vs. DE Razor… What’s the difference?

BIC vs DE Razor2I had a good friend of mine ask me the other day, “if there was really much difference in shaves between a regular single blade BIC razor, and a standard DE razor?”

Great question! And, one that deserves to be answered on! 

So here’s the deal.

They are of course both single blade razors. However, the design of the angled head BIC eliminates the guessing game as to how close is “too close” by delivering a standard shave for everyone. Whereas, the DE Razor with it’s 180° flat head, creates an opportunity for more customization with each stoke of the handle.

With these 2 design differences the bottom line is going to be personal comfort. So can the both deliver a close and comfortable shave? Sure, especially if proper prep and post shave practices are present!

But for me, I will always choose the the ability to customize my shave. This way I can get a close shave based on my standards of comfort, and not one that is dictated by a specific design. My 2cents of course… 🙂



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  1. VillageBarbeUK February 18, 2014 at 4:57 am

    Good call, Craig.
    For my part, I’d also add that with a good quality DE blade, you will get a better tensile steel used in the making of the blade which will add to the comfort factor – as well as last much longer than a standard .single-blade’ disposable which are basically designed for single use, making for better value for money.

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