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Sometimes You Just Gotta Take A Break

MarlonBrandoPOSTSo, you have to shave everyday because your boss can spot stubble a mile away. But, in doing so your face hurts, DAILY, and you just can’t wait for the
weekend so you can give our face a rest.

Try this tip to maximize the weekend break!

Shave your face Thursday night, right before you go to bed*.  As you sleep, your skin will start repairing itself, and in the morning, any form of irritation will be gone (**best results when using a good post-shave product).

That way, if you’re a person that does not shave on the weekend, you would have given your face 3 full days (Fri., Sat., Sun.) of rest. This will result in significant healing of the skin so that your face can handle the weekly shaving routine much better!

Give it a try, and let me know how it works for you!

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