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toolsPOSTAn irritation free shave in every area of your face is nothing more than a fantasy for most guys. Why? Because not everyone has an “easy beard”. For most of us, shaving the face is pretty easy to master. But the neck can be a real nuisance!

I get an overwhelming number of emails from guys who get loads of irritation (redness, burning, ingrown hairs…) on their necks, but nowhere else on their faces. So here’s the deal. If there isn’t a specific pattern to follow along the neck to shave with the grain. Then the odds are that you will always be shaving against the grain. If this is the case, then irritation surely will be waiting to appear.

So here’s how to handle the situation.

If you get a great shave on the face, stick with the razor only in this area. But where the majority of your shaving issues are on your neck, create an imaginary line and DO NOT use the razor in this area. For the area you’ve established as an irritation haven on your neck, shave it with trimmers. This way of shaving is a 2-step process but it is a tried&true method of getting a close and comfortable shave without any sign of irritation!

**Side note: Since shaving with trimmers will not produce a razor close shave, shaving the neck daily may be required to keep the neck looking stubble free. 




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