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If you are anything like my friends, and some of my clients (you know who you are…!),  you could care less about what type of  hairbrush to use.

And although I may be slightly sympathetic to the idea that they, and even you,  feel that your hair looks just fine with the hairbrush you’ve been using since you were 13, it’s honestly time for an upgrade.

So the next time you’re online (or when you actually step foot in the store), I want you to purchase a “boar bristled” hair brush.

Boar bristle brushes are designed to be densely packed so that the bristles can grab hold of sebum (the oil your scalp naturally produces), and spread it down the length of the hair shaft. This process creates more evenly moisturized hair and scalp, also adding  greater natural shine.

On a side note, this type of stimulation and distribution of sebum has also been been found to promote healthier hair growth!

Here are few brands: High to Low

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