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Acne scarring… Is there a real solution?

The damage acne can cause to our skin can leave permanent damage… And unfortunately since most men aren’t running to the make-up counter to find the perfect cover-up, we generally grit our teeth and just “deal with it”!

Well fortunately for us, scientists have been working hard to help all who suffer from acne scarring get another chance at what can be a self-esteem killer.

The system is called eMatrix (i.e. Sublative Rejuvenation).

It’s a skin resurfacing procedure that uses radio-frequency energy to deliver heat deep into the skin, causing collagen to develop from underneath effectively “filling the pits from below”. The pain factor likens to the feeling of a warm prickling sensation. And the price can ranges from $500 to $1000.

For many, this may appear pricey. But for some this is a solution that is not only long overdue, but priceless!  So go ahead, ask your dermatologist about this procedure. You may be on your way to an even better New Year!

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