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Getting Ready For The Most Important Days

2015-04_chemise-montre2POSTSomeone asked me a question on Facebook a few days ago about how to best prep for his wedding day. This surely is a great question, especially since theses pictures will last forever. But I thought, why not wrap my answer to cover all the “super” important days in our lives like- a job interview, a first date or even graduation?

We all know that 1st impressions are lasting ones and looking your best speaks volumes! So, here are a few tips on how to make your “big day” your best looking day.

(1). Get your haircut 2-3 days before the big day. A fresh haircut is always a great look, however, in pictures a 2-3 day old haircut can look even better! For one, it’s kinder on the lenses and you look more natural. Also, freshly cut hairstyles can be a distraction to your interviewer when trying to land that perfect job.

(2). Beards are still a big deal nowadays, but unless you’re 100% certain that sportin’ facial hair is acceptable, shave the night before. The night before approach aids in calming any potential (visible) irritation. And based on my experience, irritation shows up when you least expect it. So for important days like these, always expect it that way you can take the necessary steps to avoid it.

(3). Remember my manicure post? Well, any big day is going to require well manicured hands. However, in an interview, steer clear of high-buff fingernails. A shiny distraction while expressing yourself in an interview will absolutely draw attention away from the dialogue you’re having (save it for when you get the job!).

(4). Lastly, there is a thin line between a lasting “subtle” fragrance and lasting “overbearing” one. Even the greatest smelling colognes can go overboard! So go without, or  find a subtle fragrance that works for you. This way your “soon to be” won’t pass out from the fumes at the altar. And, your interviewer will remember you for your talents and not the scent you left behind!

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