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PanasonicPOSTTrust me, I get it! And, you tell me. Shaving can be a chore. So, the more options available for an easier shaving experience, the better! So it seems that with Panasonic’s wide range of shaving tools, I think they get the picture as well.

They’re newest shavers- Panasonic’s ARC-Series merges innovation, with Japaneses sword-making skills, to craft blades and foils for a close and comfortable shaving experience. For me, I’m big on closeness, comfort, and most importantly an electric shaving tool that can produce all of this with reduced or no irritation!

The ARC-Series has a 3-blade cutting system aptl;y named the ARC3- ES-LT7N and a 5-blade named the ARC5- ES-LV9N. With the ARC3, I was able to get a close shave but I needed to go over the same area multiple times to accomplish this in both wet & dry environments. So, in order to reduce shaving passes and time, I used this shaver solely in the shower w/ a pre-shave oil and/or shave cream. This seemed to do the trick! The “wet-option”, helped reduce shaving passes and of course time. Which of course, is the perfect recipe for limiting the chances of irritation. Ideally, this shaver would work great for men with fine and/or sparse facial hair.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

The ARC5 on the other-hand, provided a close & comfortable shave with very little effort in both wet & dry environments. The plus, for me was that even though the cutting technology promotes the closest shave with a lift-cut system, it kept my facial hair above the skin-line but not visible to the eyes. That for me is a winner in my book! Coarse, curly, facial hair guys with ingrown hair concerns now have another electric shaving option in the ARC5.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

The pop-up trimmer for both shavers are definitely more than decoration, being that they actually provide a pretty good clean-up. And the cleaning systems for each do a great job removing excess hair, lubricating, and drying the blades.  Overall, Panasonic’s ARC-Series delivers on closeness and certainly ease of shaving and cleaning. But, for me the ARC5 is the clear winner! 

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