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4 PROVEN Deodorants for Summer!

Anybody else feeling hot, or is it just me? Well, I don’t know about you, but I sweat all of the time. Shoot… Believe it or not, I’m sweating as I’m writing this!

So needless to say, when the temperature rises in the summer months, I’m always searching for an upgrade in my deodorant. So here are a few that I know really do an A+ job.


certain dri Certain Dri

So this is my “special occasion” deodorant/antiperspirant. I only use it when I wear a shirt that will quickly reveal that I’m sweating (i.e. colored dress shirts). This is because this antiperspirant temporarily blocks the sweat glands from producing sweat. But as I said, I use this occasionally simply because  I never want to suspend for a long period of time what nature is supposed to do!

“Perfect  for special occasions, like 1st dates, job interviews… you get the picture!”


Aloe Alum Spray Deodorant by RazoRock1RazorRock Deodorant Spray

Looking for a natural way to fight odor? This deodorant spray fights odor, shirt stains and it won’t compete with your cologne! It’s fragrance free, hypoallergenic, and it contains no alcohol or aluminium chlorohydrate .  Mineral salts along with aloe vera create an odor fighting system that keeps you fresh for up to 24hrs.

— “Gym tested!”

M_ClinicalMitchum Clinical48hr

Here’s another deodorant/antiperspirant that essentially has no fragrance. It works well into the evening and surprising never stained my clothes. And, since I tested it on some of the hottest days this year at the barbershop it gets a thumbs up!

“Barbershop tested!”





Degree Dry Protection

This deodorant has been my “go-to” since puberty and it has never disappointed! So rest assured, it can handle ALL kinds of body temperature changes. I won’t necessarily keep you dry but it will definitely SLAY odor!

— “Puberty tested!”


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